‘Hot Head’ Sticky Notes


‘Hot Head’ Sticky Notes

Part of a series of illustrations created in collaboration with Baileys Horse Feed as part of one of their marketing campaigns.

The Hot Head can range from the fiery to the naturally exuberant and, while “get up and go” may desirable when it’s easily channeled in the forward direction, it can be tiresome when 30 minutes of circling are necessary before you can even get down to work. With such high energy requirements, it’s often tempting for owners to underfeed The Hot Head, although this tends to simply result in a slimmer version, rather than helping to keep all four feet on the ground. This leaves them resigned to investing in multiple pairs of the stickiest silicon full-seat breeches and tripling the Pilates sessions just so they can stay in the plate! – Product: Condition/Performance: No.24 Ease & Excel Cubes (baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk)

Which Cartoon Is Your Horse? (baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk)

These cute little Sticky Notes are perfect for jotting down little reminders, marking documents or even as a small gift!

Each book has 100 Sheets

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