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Meet the Team


Role: Cartoon pony drawer, professional Dog and Cat cuddler, boiling the kettle but never making the Tea

Favourite pudding: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Pets: Sid the cat and Ellie the dog

Dream Holiday: Safari on Horse back!

Favourite film: Pride and Prejudice (The one with Keira Knightley - sorry!)

A sport you wish you were good at: Gymnastics

One thing that will always cheer me up: Snacks and a Sid or Ellie cuddle!

Favourite Emily Cole pattern: Eventing

Favourite Emily Cole Illustration: 'Sweet Dreams'


Role: Order packing, Emily organising and admin

Starter or Pudding: Pudding!

Pets: Peggy and Teddy the dogs. Jess (Irish Sports Horse) and Minsky (ex racehorse.)

Dream Holiday: Maldives

What did you want to be when you grew up: An Equine Physio

A sport you would love to try: Surfing

One thing that will always cheer me up: Bonfires!

Favourite Emily Cole pattern: Muddy Paws! I am biased because they are my dogs but I love the teal!

Favourite Emily Cole Illustration: A Pheasant Greeting


Ellie is one of our gorgeous office pups. She is the youngest of the bunch and gives everything 140% effort. (Which is awesome but often results in collisions when she tries to bring the tennis ball back at 100mph and uses us as a human brake pad!) Teddy is her absolute hero and will play all day with him if she could.

Nickname: Ellie-bob, Bobble, Smelly, Smell bells, hell bells, Smelly bob, the baby.
Age: 11 months

Breed: Labrador

Role at Emily Cole Illustrations: Chief cardboard shredder and mischief manager

Favourite toy: Tennis ball or stuffed dinosaur

Favourite food: Carrots

Favourite thing to do: Go swimming in the river and retrieving

Least favourite thing: Not being allowed to chase Sid


Nicknames: Squid, Squidy, Siddy, Squiggles, Big man

Age: 2

Role at Emily Cole Illustrations: General legend and law enforcement

Favourite toy: Schooling whip or a box.

Favourite food: Tuna or Chicken... anything the humans are eating.

Favourite things to do: Eating, sitting in carrier bags or boxes, breaking into the kitchen, winding the dog up, biting Emily and sitting on people at inconvenient moments.

Least favourite thing: When the humans won't share their food and being cuddled when it isn't on his terms.


Nicknames: Ted, Teddy bear, big dog, big brown dog

Age: 3

Breed: German Shepherd x Collie x Miniature Poodle x Standard Poodle!

Role at Emily Cole Illustrations: Therapy dog for anyone who needs it in the office. (He will nudge his nose and demand pets!) Model on the Muddy Paws range.

Favourite toy: Tennis Ball

Favourite food: Biscuits

Favourite things to do: Cuddles, playing and walks

Least favourite thing: Being brushed


Nicknames: Pegs, the princess, Pongo, Bad dog (endearingly of course!!!) and little orange dog

Age: 2

Breed: Patterdale

Role at Emily Cole Illustrations: Weather gauge, time keeper and Queen of everything. Model on the Muddy Paws range

Favourite toy: Squeaky green dummy (until it got destroyed!) and bones

Favourite things to do: Sneak onto the sofa, cuddles, catching mice, swimming and going on adventures (often without her human!)

Least favourite thing: Being cold and the rain

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