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About Emily Cole

Emily is an Illustrator based in Lincolnshire with her Husband, Labrador Ellie and the little legend that is Sid the Cat. She specialises in Equestrian humour with the occasional dog and farm animal thrown in for good measure.

Along with illustrating, she is passionate about creating beautiful, high-quality stationery and homeware items that are both fun and useful. Her current range spans from Greeting Cards, desk planners and prints to fine bone china mugs, wash bags and kitchenware.

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Equestrians trying to make it through JUNE in the UK 😂😪

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One week to go! 🤩

The Training Diary is expected to arrive NEXT WEEK! Our pre-order is now live for you to reserve your copy! 📖 🖊️
The dreamiest of lined notebooks has just landed at ECI HQ and I am a bit in love! 😍

Thank you for your wonderful name suggestions. I was so torn and we deliberated in the office for a long time! In the end, I double backed on myself and actually chose to stay with calling this illustration ‘Starry sky.’ I think the simplicity worked with the child like wonder of staring at a big ‘starry sky.’ ✨
'I'm taking my grass-ternity leave'

© Emily Cole Illustrations
Who needs kneecaps anyway 🤷‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️

©️Emily Cole Illustrations 

#Emilycoleillustrations #horse #horsesofinstagram #horsesofinsta #equestrian #equestriansofinstagram #equestriansofinsta #equestrianlife #horseworldproblems
The first face of the 2025 Calendar! 11 more drawings to go 💪
Can you help me name this notebook design? ✨😍

I thought you might like a sneak peek of a beautiful notebook I have arriving THIS FRIDAY! We have been calling it ‘Starry sky’ in the office but I think it needs something different!
The 2025 calendar is officially underway! 🩷

(Aiming for September release date at @burghleyhorsetrials as usual!)
The reigning champion! 🥄🥚

©️Emily Cole Illustrations
'I'd watch your back from now on!'

©️Emily Cole Illustrations

So many of you have been asking, so I am delighted to confirm that the next drop is expected to be with us 14th June. (2 weeks-ish!) 
A pre-order is now live. These sold out in just over 24 hours last time! 🕒