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About Emily


Where it all started

It is in a somewhat sheepish manner that I reply with, ‘I draw Cartoon Horses for a living,’ whenever I am asked what it is I do. Before I took up Illustrating, I had my eyes set on becoming an Architect; I had graduated with a First Class Honours and had started work in a practice with the outlook to eventually become a fully chartered. It was during my degree that I began to professionally hone my skills for procrastination and it came somewhat surprisingly in the form of gangly Ponies with large cartoon eyes.


University Days

At first I was highly embarrassed by the drawings as they would often emerge during the hours spent staring bleary eyed into Architectural Details or whilst being lectured on different Ventilation Strategies. I would hastily shove them to the back of my notebooks or flip them over if anyone looked my way. Away from my studies, I was part of an Equestrian Society and whilst simultaneously trying to meet deadlines, I began to draw the members and various animals at the yard we trained at. It was a long time before I confessed all to my now Husband who I had recently started dating. I recall half flinging a drawing across the room at him and turning away so that I wouldn’t have to look at what I thought could only be an appalled face. James has since become the most incredibly supportive person I have ever met.


Team Gold

When Nick Skelton jumped onto the podium too early after winning Team Gold at the 2012 Olympics, I decided to draw it. I spotted that Horse and Hound were asking for people to send in photos of their Olympic experiences and without realising what a life changing step I was taking, I hesitantly sent my drawing coupled with apologies that ‘I knew it wasn’t a photo but I just thought you might like to see it.’ I went on with my day and whilst at the yard my phone flashed up with an email from British Showjumping saying that ‘they had just seen my drawing and could I give them a call.’ Typically my initial reaction considered the possibility that I had offended someone and that I was in trouble. ‘Emily we love it, can we buy it and present it to the riders?’ Wasn’t quite what I expected to hear.



One thing has since lead to another and I began to take on commissions. Before I knew it I was faced with the daunting prospect of abandoning my career as an Architect to draw Cartoon Horses and after explaining to a rather confused boss, I now illustrate full time!