Dog / Cat Snuggle Sack

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Do you have a dog or Cat that loves to snuggle under blankets? The Snuggle Sacks by Designed for Dogs is perfect for dogs that love to burrow.

We have been working with Designed for Dogs to being you some stunning prints in a range of items for your four-legged friends! They will love our Dog snuggle sack.

Snuggle Sacks are available in Sizes XS and S, in both ‘Eventer’ and ‘Muddy Paws’ designs. Our Snuggle Sacks are made to order allowing you to customise your sack – ‘Teddy’ Faux-Sheepskin. Chocolate Supersoft and very luxurious Fawn Faux Fur are available to line the inside of your snuggle sack, and you can add embroidery too!

They are especially popular for burrowing breeds who use them for;

  • Snuggling on the sofa
  • Camping trips
  • Helping with anxiety – providing a safe den to hide away from fireworks, stressful situations (car journeys, moving house)
  • Protecting your car or as a lining dog car seats
  • Carrying your dog or new puppy home, to the vets etc


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